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A Kingdoms of Chaos novel
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The story continues in book two, with Pro and his family now fighting not just their original enemies, but each other.

Pro works to get the gang under control while fortifying the neighborhood, trying to start a business to support his family legally, and navigating a complicated web of personal relationships that gets more explosive by the minute.


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A novel based on a true story
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The harrowing true story of a young South African woman who was enslaved by Nigerian sex-slavers, force-fed drugs, beaten and facing death daily. 


With captors working hand-in-glove with the local police and her abusive husband, her children used as leverage against her, and even her own family turning against her, this true story is of unimaginable hardship. Yet, in the midst of it all, her faith in God remained. 


Save Them is a story of redemption and hope in the darkest of all places, and of a God who saves.

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