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The real Joel

Joel Cutter is the pen name of Joel Balyeat, a former Army Green Beret and Police Officer who writes crime and thriller fiction. His work is often referred to as “fictionalized true crime” because, while fiction, it comprises elements Joel researched at length and seen in person. He has three published novels to his credit: Georgia Rolling, Transfer, and the brand-new gang thriller, Killing Redemption.

Joel has also written numerous short stories, screenplays, game design documents, and commercial screenplays and worked in professional capacities as a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, and publisher. He currently leads a multi-media narrative production effort that includes a novel and video game. He will graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in September 2021 and looks forward to immediately starting a Master of Science in Game Design.

Joel is fascinated by the width and depth of human choice and enjoys crafting stories that give the audience a front-seat ride in the chaotic, thrilling, emotionally vibrant, and quite real lifestyles of those who live on the edge.

Joel lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his wife and the three youngest of his eight children.

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